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My Interests

My utmost favorite interest is traveling. Traveling gives me access to an infinite amount of opportunities, and helps me grow in inexplicable ways. My sister instilled in me a love for learning about different cultures and places. Since then, I have made the promise to myself to take advantage of any opportunity I can get to immerse myself in different cultures, backgrounds, perspectives and more. Immersing myself in different cultures by traveling is a very crucial part of my life that stems my creativity!

Me in Thailand, when I went on a Fox School Global Immersion trip.

As the Events Chair of FBLA, I planned this event at Sunday Breakfast Mission in Center City, Philadelphia.

Another interest of mine is volunteering, as it is a very crucial aspect of my role as Events Chair of Temple’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and of my involvement in my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon. I enjoy dancing because I was a student of a dance school through elementary to high school. I also enjoy photography and capturing the beauty of different places that I visit. Lastly, I love trying different cuisines and restaurants in Philadelphia because of its endless variety of food and culture.


One of the many meals I had at one of the many restaurants I have visited!


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