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Work Experience

My work experience mostly comprises of a job I had for four years, and a few short-term part-time jobs, such as The Home Depot during the lockdown this past spring of 2020. As seen on my resume, I worked at Gold Key Country Club in my hometown from 2016 to the summer of 2020. In this job, I was promoted four times. That being said, I was able to learn the detailed ins and outs of how the company operated.

I began working at Gold Key as a boat tender and craftsperson when I was 14. I quickly learned how to clean, maintain, and operate different boats such as rowboats, kayaks, canoes, and sailboats. Being in charge of crafts allowed to me to challenge myself and my creativity. I was able to make different kids’ day at the lake a lot more enjoyable and memorable, which was very worthwhile!

At 15, I was promoted to be a recreational attendant. I had the role of organizing events for community residents to partake in, working such events, and improving community engagement. Along with another recreation attendant and our manager, we planned outstanding and engaging events. This position helped me get to know a plethora of residents, which allowed to build trust between myself and the community.

The following year I was able to obtain my lifeguard, CPR, AED, and first aid certifications. Every week, I enhanced skills such as swimming, resuscitation, and rescuing in order to further improve performance. I worked closely with the head lifeguard and other lifeguards to ensure that we were on the same page and communicating efficiently. As a lifeguard, it is vital to have proper communication and be prepared for any situation.

The head lifeguard, our team, and I.

Lastly, this past summer, I had the responsibility of being both the assistant manager and the assistant head lifeguard. Through these roles, I served as a primary point of contact for employees regarding any issues within the Beach and Recreation department. I was able to collaborate with a highly functional team that worked closely with both the head lifeguard, manager, and directors. The challenge that these roles brought on proved to be very worthwhile, as our team was applauded for succeeding in community engagement and satisfaction by the residents and guests of the country club.

The amazing kiddos that I was so lucky to lifeguard this summer!

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