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Relevant Coursework

Relevant courses I have taken so far:

  • Data Centric Application Development
    • Learned PHP, HTML, PDO, CSS and how they can interact with each other
  • Data Analytics
    • Sharpened Excel skills while learning SQL and R
  • Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
    • Studied the functionality of macroeconomic models and how different events affect them
  • Excel for business applications
    • Gained proficiency in Excel
  • Data Science
    • Learned Tableau and how to use it to visualize data
  • Risk Management and Insurance
    • Learned about risks companies face, and how to categorize, quantify, and manage risks
  • Introduction to Human Capital Risk
    • Learned how to design a benefit plan, how to identify the loss employers and employees face, and the administrative details of designing an employee benefit plan
  • Insurance operations
    • Learned about the insurance industry, types of coverages, types of insurance companies, industry trends, and types of policies available
  • Contracts
    • Learned about the contracts involved in insurance and why they are written in the way they are
  • Enterprise IT architecture
    • Learned how to work with a cloud service, Microsoft Azure, and how to write executive summary papers detailing the benefits of technology
  • Operations Management
    • Used excel models to help solve business problems


These classes are focused on technology and its application to the risk management and insurance industry. I have learned valuable skills in each of these classes, and cannot wait to apply them. Excel and its uses has been the most useful technical skill I have been able to take from my relevant coursework. This is an essential tool in the employee benefits space, which is where I hope to have a career. The other coding skills I have learned have allowed me to become a fast learner when learning new technological concepts.

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