Christian Wims

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2018


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Business Communications – BA 2196

  • The Business Communications class was designed to help students develop and refine the oral, written, and analytical skills necessary to communicate effectively in professional settings. This class has definitely helped me in the workplace because this prepared me for my internships. In my internships, communication skills were very important. You need to know how to write a professional email that is straight to the point while getting all the information across to the person receiving the email. Also, verbal communication was very important during my internships because being able to present and communicate your work was a major part of the internship.

Digital Solutions Studio – MIS 3506

  • The Digital Solutions Studio class is in a studio setting and  students work with a real client, learn to interact with clients as they learn to collect requirements, model processes and data and design solutions to the client’s problems. This class prepared me for the workplace because in my internship, I was working with clients where I needed to gather information and collect requirements. I needed to interview the clients to get this information, which is something that we learned to do from this class. This class prepared me well in working with clients.

Lead Global Digital Projects – MIS 3535

  • In the Lead Global Digital Projects class, you learn how to lead, plan and manage global technology-enabled, process-centric information systems projects by focusing on initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects in the context of topics such as integration, scope, timing, cost, quality, human resource, technology, communications, and risk and procurement. This class prepared me for my future job because in the class, we learned how to be project managers. When I move up the ranks in the company I will be working for, I will eventually have to manage projects, so the things that I learned in this class have prepared me for when that time comes.



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