Christopher Le

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2021


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From: Team 2 (Christopher Le, Keze Lin, Naved Rizvi, Dhakshana Cheralathan)

To: MC Martin

Subject: Weekly Progress Report – September 22, 2019


Period: 09/16/201909/21/2019


Actual Hours: 

Keze Lin: 2hrs


Naved Rizvi: 2hrs


Christopher Le:2hrs


Dhakshana Cheralathan: .5hrs


Hours to Date: number of hours worked by entire team since the project started (list each member and their total hours)

Keze Lin: 


Naved Rizvi:


Accomplishments for week ending Sep_22nd, 2019


  1. Our team has determined a time where everyone can meet to discuss and work weekly goals and tasks that need to be completed.  
  2. The team has made major progress in working on the project charter.  




Goals for week ending Sep_29th, 2019


    1. Though the team has made progress with the Project Charter, this needs to be reviewed and finalized for submission.
    2. Meet up with Professor Martin (Client) to review Project Charter for accuracy prior to submission.


  • Clarify and review requirements for WBS with client.
  • Start researching current market for Project Management software






  1. One of our teammates is not available to work this week.

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