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Work Samples

Below is some of my business related work that I am the most proud of.

Flash Research Papers

One of the most important skills a young business professional needs to develop is the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze a situation, understand the situation, and be able to explain the situation in clear and concise terms. Flash research assignments will help you develop this skill in the context of analyzing, understanding, and explaining digital products and services.

Each flash research assignment  requires the creation of a paper. The intended audience of this paper is the CIO of a company. Assume that the CIO understands technology at a very, very high level. Assume that the primary focus of the CIO is leveraging technology to create business value for their organization, not the technology itself. Executives are very busy people; time is precious for your typical CIO. Learning how to articulate your ideas in a clear and concise manner is essential. As such, the body of each flash research paper will be no more than 1 page in length.


Flash 1

Flash 2

Flash 3

Flash 4

Flash 5

Flash 6 


 Corporate Analysis

One of my favorite and most time consuming assignments that I have been given so far is a corporate analysis. I chose to study and analyze Google. Through the completion of this assignment and learning how much the technologies that Google have introduced ,and plan on  introducing, have changed, and will continue to change, the way our society functions, I was inspired to pursue a career in technology. To read my corporate analysis on Google click the picture below.


 My First Website 

The first challenging assignment, concerning technology,  that  I was given was to create  my own website. Using Adobe Dreamweaver software I was able to create a interactive website. I am proud of my first shot at website building. Click here to view my website.

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