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Experience & Future

Implementation Specialist, Longview Solutions

Longview Solutions provides a customized software application that automates financial processes. As a consultant under the Client Services department, implementation specialist are responsible overseeing, designing, implementing, testing, and troubleshooting the application from start to finish. In my role, we are to meet with our clients to gather the specified requirements and data they need to build the application. Duties within my role include but are not limited to the documentation of the project, building the hierarchy and dimensions of the application, as well as provide a user-friendly user interface for the client’s use. Training in company-specific coding language, as well as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, are necessary for a success development and implementation of the application.

Web Development Student Worker, Fox School of Business Web Development

The Fox School of Business Web Development office is in charge of all the websites and mobile application development at the Fox School of Business and Sports and Tourism and Hospitality School. I have just recently started at this office in September. As a department, our responsibility is to convert the previous websites with the new Fox School branding themes. Because of the new branding strategy, all the websites have been completely redesigned. It is then our job as a department to make sure we smoothly transition each website to the new look. In this job I work on a WordPress platform where I update content and templates using HTML and PHP. This opportunity to work with the web development team has given me exposure to the world of web development.

Social Media and Web Marketing Associate, Enterprise Management Consulting

Enterprise Management Consulting (EMC) is a consulting practice housed within Temple University’s Fox School of Business.  This practice predominately started to give MBA students the experiential learning opportunity before graduating from graduate school. Within EMC is another program called Fox Board Fellows (FBF) , which also works closely with Fox Net Impact. Fox Board Fellows is an initiative that places Fox MBA students on the boards of directors of Philadelphia-area nonprofit organizations as non-voting members for an academic year. My main role within the practice was to research, analyze, create and implement a strategic digital marketing strategy for Fox Board Fellows. To find out more about my experience with EMC and FBF, continue here.

Computer Lab Consultant, Beasley School of Law Library, Temple University

As a current work-study student at the Student Research Lab in Klien Hall, we are expected to assist employees and graduate students with any technical difficulties they might come across while working in the computer lab.  I supervise about 15-20 computers in one lab while also checking the status of other computers throughout the law school.  My duties also include replenishing printers and copiers as well as technical problems with computers and other devices (scanners, printers, etc.).  This job has given me some experience in the IT field where I have checked for any software or hardware problems with several devices.

Sales Support & Cashier, J.Crew

In October 2010 I started working at JCREW as a cashier at Cherry Hill, NJ at the Cherry Hill Mall.  After the holiday season I transferred stores and started working in Philadelphia, PA at Liberity Place.  My job duties include maintaining the sales floor, customer service help, cleaning and organizing the stock room, as well as the duties of a cashier.  Our store has a customer volume of about 200-300 customers per day where I assist them in selecting articles of clothing and accessories for business professional, business casual, and weekend occasions.  Our goal as sales support is to provide each customer with a pleasant shopping experience by complying with their needs.  Working in the retail industry has given me the experience to work with several different personalities.

Lab Technician, APTUIT

APTUIT is a pharmaceutical packaging company located in Mount Laurel, NJ.  I spent three months summer 2010 working in the lab.  We were trained to follow FDA regulations and SOPs (standard operating procedures) of packaging and labeling pharmaceutical products.   This job contained several protocol procedures that were strictly enforced in day-to-day jobs.   Jobs would run between two days to four weeks depending on the size of the job.   As a lab technician, it was important to follow sanitation and health department regulations prior to and proceeding the completion of a job to make sure that the products were not tampered with.  this job showed me the importance of following directions.  If one thing went wrong, the whole job would be compromised and everything would be thrown off schedule.

Post Graduation Plans

After graduation, I received an offer with Longview Solutions as an Implementation Specialist. This role dabbles in software development as well as practicing in the consulting field. My goals are never complete, but will reach several steps throughout my professional career. I hope to eventually work full-time in a Web Development position and receive my Masters in either Computer Science or an MBA in Strategic Management and Risk and Insurance. Technology will always be a passion of mine and my many interests will give me the well-rounded experience I want and need.

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