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Course Work

MIS 2501 – IT Architecture (Fall 2011)

In this course, we were required to write one-page business proposals to the CEO/CIO of a company. We were required to include technical details to explain the appeal of the product or service we are trying to promote. Also included are the business benefits, costs, and return on investments over a 3-year period.

Traditional IT Architecture Value Delivery Platforms Digital Ecosystems
MIS2501 flash research virtualization MIS2501 flash research sharepoint MIS2501 flash research apple
MIS2501 flash research tier III MIS2501 flash research google docs MIS2501 flash research amazon
MIS2501 flash research graphics MIS2501 flash research wordpress MIS2501 flash research xbox

MIS 3504 – Digital Innovation and Design (Fall 2011)

This is our semester long group project where our group was responsible for creating a solution to minimize cause of output.  Included in the zip file are the project scope document, which includes an entity table and business rules, and our proposed prototype to solve the output problem.

MIS3504 project documents

BA 2196 – Business Communications (Fall 2011)

In this course we were taught to improve our writing style to best adapt to the business world. We were taught to follow a strict format that clearly shows our thesis that the topics that will be covered in our work. Also, we were taught to keep our papers clear and concise and straight to the point.

Sample Writing
BA2196 merck vioxx
BA2196 10k vs annual reports
BA2196 alexs lemonade stand
BA2196 hbr presentation

MIS 2502 – Data Analytics (Spring 2012)

MIS 3501 – Data-Centric Applications Development (Spring 2012)

MIS 3535 – Lead Global Digital Projects (Fall 2013)

MIS 3536 – Information Systems Innovation (Fall 2013)

MIS 4596 – Information Systems Integration (Spring 2013)

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