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Interesting Facts

Here are some fun facts about me!

Movies I love: Two movies that I have watched over and over are Hairspray and Pride and Prejudice. I am a sucker for a romance or a rom-com!

Sports: My favorite sports teams are all the Philly teams! Most specifically the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies. I have come in (*sigh*) second place in fantasy football both years that I have participated in it. I gladly teach all my friends the proper rules of football with an underlying motive to turn them into Eagles fans. Go Birds!

Shows I love: A show I’m watching right now is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I love that the episodes are short so I don’t get sucked in to binge-watching!

Pets: I have one cat named Molly who loves to go outside so much we had to get her a cat door. She loves to sleep and show us how good of a hunter she is by bringing in mice that she catches. 🙂

Frequently visited apps: An app that I visit daily that I cannot live without is my Notes app! I write down all my to-do lists there. I also frequent Tiktok, Instagram, and I unashamedly complete the daily sudoku every night on the Sudoku app.

Favorite outside of school/work activity: My favorite thing to do outside of school and work is being outside! I love hiking, fishing, throwing a frisbee, basically anything as long as there is fresh air!

My proudest atypical accomplishment: My proudest atypical accomplishment is being awarded “Most School Spirited” as my senior superlative in high school. I loved going to all the sporting events and showing my school pride! This award definitely translates into my energetic nature.

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