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AIS Mentorship Program

2020 – As a part of AIS’s executive board, I joined the mentorship program and became a mentor to two members. Previously being a mentee, I wanted to give back and give my mentees the same experience I had. My mentees were the same year as I so we got along really well since we could relate to the courses we were taking and events that were happening around us. I introduced them to a few faculty members, fellow e-board members, and also informed them of the application process for the following year’s e-board. Overall I think the mentorship program is a great way to make friends and help someone feel more welcomed into the major.

2019 – I have recently joined AIS’s organization and thought it would be a good idea to incorporate myself a little more into the organization by joining the mentorship program. My mentor, who was also the VP of AIS, was a great mentor. She helped me stay on track for the different tracks we need to complete for points. As well, she gave me great advice with MIS and was always friendly.  This program helped me make some friends and did make me feel like I was a part of the organization. I’m looking forward to more events related to this program and to make more friends!

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