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Data Science- Learned how data is used everywhere and how it can be interpreted.

Human Resource Management- How to work with people in the work environment.

Statistical Business Analytics- Expanded my knowledge on excel and data usage.

Information Systems in Organization- Learned the basics of MIS.

Financial Accounting- Learned the basics of financial accounting and decided to also pursue a potential accounting career.

Cost Accounting – Introduced to the analysis of cost accounting & the production costs of products inside an organization.

Intermediate I Accounting – Gained an understanding of the accounting principles as they relate to financial reporting. Assets, liabilities, revenue, etc. evaluation.

Intermediate II Accounting – A continuation of Intermediate I topics, but further explored equity, earnings per share, investments, etc.

Data Centric Applications – Learned the basics of HTML, Java, CSS… used Visual Studio Code.

Data Analytics – Learned how to structure & present data using different software programs (SQL, Tableau, NoSQL, etc.)

Accounting Information Systems – Learned how to use Access, Tableau, and Excel more thoroughly when it came to analyzing financial statements and relationships

User Experience Design – Created websites from scratch using Temple’s host system and WordPress. Learned Norman’s concepts of user experience and applied them to our project.

Enterprise IT Architecture – Explored Amazon Web Services and learned to build instances, deploy the instances, create security groups, and watch it run on an AMI.

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