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JRs Car Wash-

Manage an Express Car Wash with 15 Employees
In charge of daily tasks including hiring personnel, making schedule, stocking chemicals, keeping up with inventory, and manage employees with their daily duties
Grew sales on a month-to-month basis, from $45,000 when I joined to $75,000 now
Uphold social media presence and kept up with Quality metrics set by Owners
Maintain and fix equipment such as changing motors, swapping cloth, and dialing in chemical usage

Cardiovascular Institute of the South-

Handle maintaining budgets, facilities and billing for facility
Billed over $65,000 of claims a Month to insurance agencies
Safely kept medical records electronically for over 1000 patients
Compiled and organized customer experiences to help meet office metrics for quality

Professional Boxer-

Professional Record 10-1 and Amateur record 30-5
Won 2 Amateur National championships                                                                                                            Qualified for Olympic Trials- Competing against top 15 competitors per weight class Training Regularly with the IBF and WBA world champions                                                                                                      Competing on professional boxing circuit


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