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As for some personal aspirations, I hope to work in one of the big four accounting firms such as PWC and EY and use my accounting and MIS knowledge to propel myself in the field. I am also interested in working for large tech firms as they allow for much flexibility and opportunities within the workspace. For some personal interests, I love to play music. Both my parents are musicians, and their love for music has instilled in me a passion for it as well. I have previously played the oboe all throughout middle school and high school and the keyboard for the jazz band: I still currently play the piano for my my church. Two years ago we were selected as one of the 13 bands in the country for the Savannah music festival in Savannah, Georgia. Below is our final performance.

I love the essence of traveling and exploring new countries, but I have never flown out of the United States due to financial reasons. In my four years at Temple University, however, I hope to be able to study abroad in Japan where I will be able to continue my studies in another country. In the future, I hope to be part of a company that allows me to pursue my passion for traveling where I will be able to work in various counties. This is a picture of me at the grand canyon two summers ago.

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