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MIS2502  – Data Analytics

I hope to learn how to properly extract, analyze, transform data from various old & new systems. Learning SQL, MongoDB and various other programs and languages will provide the experience I will need into the business world. The skills taught in this course will add significant value for what I can provide for a future company. Understanding the technological nature of the business enterprise software currently running the economy is an invaluable opportunity provided by Fox School of Business.

ACCT2102 – Financial Accounting

This course delves into the the world of Finance and has taught me the logic behind effective and thorough accounting practices. Financial Accounting brilliantly conveys the importance of accuracy and accountability. The lessons learned from this class can be applied to nearly all facets of professional and personal life. As an IT professional, it is imperative to deploy the lessons learned in this class to better understand the financial backbone to the many companies at the forefront of innovation.

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