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HTML Essential Training

Taking the “HTML Essential Training” course by Jen Simmons through LinkedIn Learning was an enlightening experience into the world of web development. This course aimed at equipping learners with the  skills needed to create and manage web pages. LinkedIn Learning sponsored this training module, offering a path for understanding and mastering HTML.

In my role as a student, I engaged with a series of  lectures and practical exercises. The course covered topics such as the structure of a web page, the importance of semantic markup for accessibility, and the integration of multimedia elements. One of the key learning outcomes I learned  was about the significance of semantic elements like article, section, etc.,  which not only aid in creating a better structure for web content but also enhance the user experience for people with disabilities. Overall, “HTML Essential Training” by Jen Simmons was a helpful step in my web development journey, providing me with the essential skills and knowledge to confidently start creating accessible, efficient, and responsive web pages.

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