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Technology Consulting for Foundera

In December, I had the privilege of participating in an IT-related volunteer initiative, sponsored by Temple’s Beauty Birds, a community service organization that gives back through through cosmetics, care, and human connection. This opportunity came to fruition through Ary Tamashiro, the President of Beauty Birds, who selected me to collaborate directly with Heather Jones, a co-founder of Foundera. Foundera is at the forefront of creating technology-driven solutions designed to promote inclusivity within the beauty sector, particularly through the development of an advanced shade matching application providing consumers with personalized product recommendations.

My role in this volunteer service was multifaceted. I was entrusted with the responsibility of testing the new application, an experience that not only allowed me to engage with cutting-edge technology but also to contribute to its refinement. Through hands-on testing, I provided valuable feedback aimed at enhancing the application’s user interface and functionality, ensuring it effectively meets the needs of its users.

The experience was incredibly educational and rewarding. It showed me the importance of leveraging technology to address real-world challenges and the potential of digital solutions to make a significant impact on societal issues, like inclusivity. I learned about the development of user-centric applications, the importance of thorough testing and feedback, and collaboration between tech innovators and industry specialists. This volunteer service not only allowed me to contribute to an important cause but also helped me grow professionally by enhancing my technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of how technology can be used to foster inclusivity and empowerment.

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