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Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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A Slideshow explanation of my API project

Using an API to categorize the Periodic Elements by Luke English

I thought it would be a good idea to explain the background and the actual code of the assignment I have discussed extensively about here on my eportfolio. I used the LinkedIn slideshare tool to better explain the actual tools I used to complete my project, as well as talk about the issues I encountered during writing the code.

The AIS Speaker Series

I was unsure of what I had wanted to declare my major for within Fox since I began attending. However, when I was leaning one way or another, I would attend the majors specific SPO meetings to find out more information about what the major was actually like. None of the SPOs I had went to were more helpful than the Speaker Series of AIS. Last year I had only attended a handful, but this semester, being a full member, I took full advantage. The speakers were people in the industry discussing things that we were learning in our current courses. While I had enjoyed them last year, being able to better understand the topics discussed made the meetings more intriguing than they already were.

This semester I had enjoyed a few speakers in particular that were really interesting. Late in September, AIS was visited by the Vice President of Strategy at the Philadelphia 76ers, Sergi Oliva. Obviously, his position requires a great deal of experience in data analytics. Being an enormous 76ers fan, I found it even more interesting to hear about my favorite team behind the scenes. He discussed how the NBA is shifting much more towards analytics to make decision, following in the footsteps of the MLB. I also particularly enjoyed the meeting with Shawn Levin, Director of Enterprise Business Intelligence at Comcast. He discussed the specific analytical tools he uses in his everyday work environment and how each customers’ data contributes to the overall strategy of the company. Both of these speakers expanded my desire to work in the industry, as well as help myself and the other AIS members in the meetings to learn more about the career paths we are heading towards.

API Pro Point

In this Pro Point activity, I created a website that categorizes the periodic elements into their respective element group. My professor for my Data-Centric Application Development class gave us an extra assignment which was to develop a functional webpage which draws data from an API. I was lost at first on what API I should use. Being a Philadelphia 76ers fan, I had originally wanted to use NBA data to show player statistics, however, most NBA APIs were either not public or behind a paywall. When looking for other options, I talked to my friend who is a Chemistry major and he was describing the different properties of elements and I knew I had to find a public periodic element API.

Once I had found a functional and public data set, I started developing my code. The HTML was the easy part, the difficult part for me, was to use JQuery to make the site display and append the correct elements when their respective buttons were clicked. I started with a general button that would display all elements available in the API. I then moved on to individual groups, which is where I ran into trouble. I was using a for loop to go through the entirety of the data and then had to create an if statement within that to only display the respective groups. Although it sounds easy in retrospect, it took me a few days of work to figure out all the bugs. Once I was able to solve my first element group, it was easy after that to repeat the process for the remaining code. I learned more about logic statements within Java and JQuery during this assignment that I had not fully learned in class. This is important to my future career with an MIS degree because I can create functional interfaces to find specific matches in data using basic JS. With other, more advanced, data analytic tools, I can broaden the scope of what I will be capable of in the future.

Mentorship Program

I thoroughly enjoyed the mentorship program for the guidance it was able to provide to me. I am new to the major and, had I been on my own, without a mentor, I may have had more of a struggle with finding my footing. However, with Catherine as my mentor I feel like I could network better with people in AIS. I also felt more confident going into my courses since I had been able to talk with others who had already taken the courses I had. This helped me focus on certain skills I may need to work more heavily on that I would not have focused on as much without the help of others within our SPO. I am ready to continue on through my courses and ready to be in the mentorship program in the future semesters.

Another benefit of this program was my ability to network with others in the field. I am normally pretty outgoing and a social team player, but when it came to networking within AIS, I was a bit intimidated at first. Everyone had seemed to know what they were doing, while I was just knew to the major finding my footing. However, with the help of Catherine, I was able to meet more and more people within our program that I may not have before. She has introduced me to professors, as well as many of her fellow executive board members. While I had started out being intidimated, I feel as though I can stand my ground more thoroughly and one day mentor someone myself. My networking with e-board members has encouraged me to apply for the executive board myself in the upcoming semester.

Welcome to my ePortfolio!

And thank you for taking the time to review my past experiences. My hometown is Phoenixville, PA, but I currently live in Philadelphia. I just recently started my journey in Management Information Systems and am hoping to further my career in such an interesting field.

I have experience leading and being a part of large groups of co-workers during my time as an intern with The Commencement Group. During my time working with them, I was able to travel the East Coast and meet plenty of new and interesting people.

My interest in the field is not limited to the coursework Temple offers me. Prior to taking my first major courses in Fall of 2019, I took initiative to teach myself some basics in coding languages, like Python & SQL. With an industry that is constantly expanding, I believe it is important to always have a step ahead of competition.

I have my resume available for all those interested. I encourage you to check my professional experiences and connect with me on LinkedIn. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at with any opportunities you believe I would be a good fit for. Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio!



Professional Achievements

    • Periodic Elements APIFall 2019

    • Periodic Elements APIFall 2019

    • AIS Mentorship ProgramFall 2019

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackFall 2019

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