Luke English

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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Although I am a novice to the Management Information Systems department I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I have take thus far.

MIS 2402: Data-Centric Application Development

This course challenged me, in that, I had to learn entirely new skills and prove to myself I was capable of succeeding in it. I developed an extra assignment where I made a webpage that connects to an API and executes specific functions to display the periodic elements with their respective groups.

By learning JavaScript, HTML, and JQuery, I will be more prepared for future job opportunities in the field of web development. I can write code for creating websites and basic interfaces. This course also helped me understand how the internet works for everyday things. I have been using the internet my whole life and had a basic understanding of the way website interfaces operated. However, after this class I feel confident in my ability to comprehend the single page architectures of major webpages.

MIS 2502: Data Analytics

I came into this course with some basic SQL knowledge and was grateful to have been able to learn how to use it so much more efficiently. I enjoyed this class and I found the tools to be extremely useful in my future career. With my prior knowledge of SQL, I had a great advantage going into the course. I really enjoyed working with the programs because it was extremely useful for pulling large swaths of data down while having an easy interface to operate within.

I also enjoyed working with Tableau and RStudio. During this course, myself and two other teammates competed in the Alexion Data Analytics Challenge. We used Tableau to analyze an extremely large data set and map it geographically. For this challenge, we had to look at medical research data and find what makes the most successful trial. Not only did I find this extremely interesting, but I find it practical for future career paths where I can analyze these types of data sets.

Professional Achievements

    • Periodic Elements APIFall 2019

    • Periodic Elements APIFall 2019

    • AIS Mentorship ProgramFall 2019

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackFall 2019

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