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This summer, I completed my first internship at Constellation, a Fortune 200 energy company based in Baltimore. I worked in the Corporate Systems and Services department under one of their Senior IT Managers. Constellation used to be part of Exelon, but the two split into separate companies, with Constellation taking over all energy generation operations. As a result, most of my work revolved around helping teams migrate applications and data reporting tools away from Exelon. My first project involved creating an application database on Excel to help the cybersecurity team implement a more advanced access governance system. At the start of the summer, both Exelon and Constellation users had access to all of Constellation’s apps (creating security concerns), so introducing this system ensured that only Constellation users could view the company’s data. I later used Excel, SQL, and Power BI to assist in the creation of a cost database for all of their corporate applications, giving teams a more user-friendly way to view and evaluate expenses. Overall, I thought my internship gave me a far stronger understanding of Excel, SQL, Power BI, and other tools. While I had used some of these tools in my classes, specifically Data and Analytics, I thought it was interesting to see how they are used in the real world on a larger scale. I am extremely grateful that I was given this opportunity, and I hope to apply the lessons I learned in future courses and jobs.

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