Gina Banford

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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The title of this activity is Thinkful Webinar: Getting Started in Tech and it was sponsored by Eventbrite and Webinar. The activity was on Tuesday November 27th in Philadelphia, PA. I learned a lot about different technological careers and how I can get started in these careers as an MIS major. For example, I learned about how coding plays a role in many tech careers because Javascript and HTML are important, which are skills that I learned in one of my classes this semester. These coding skills are a necessary background for jobs such as a front-end developer. Additionally, I learned that for most tech positions it is helpful to have a background in data mining tools such as R studio. This relates to my coursework this semester because we learned how to operate R studio, and we learned a lot of information about data mining. Lastly, this webinar relates to my career goals because I hope to become a front-end developer or data analyst in my future career, so this webinar helped me understand these careers more and provided me with insight into how to start in these careers.

Professional Achievements

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