Guillermo Cordova

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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Hello! Welcome to my e-Portfolio!

My name is Guillermo Córdova, I’m the Vice President of External Affairs at Temple Consulting Club, and the Secretary for the Association of Computing Machinery. Currently, I’m a Management Information Systems student at Temple’s Fox School of Business with a minor in Computer Science and Management Consulting.

While I am an experienced developer with an exceptional leadership background, I am working towards improving my knowledge of the business side of the technological world and preparing myself for the field of IT Consulting. Accordingly, I am decided to pursue my education in management consulting and develop a reputation as a dedicated member of Temple University’s Management Consulting Program. Currently, I’m looking for an internship for this upcoming summer in order to gain further experience in management consulting.

Please feel free to reach out to check out my previous class projects and learn about my leadership development at Temple. If you have any further interest, questions, or opportunities, you can contact me at, or feel free to browse my resume!

Thank you for visiting my e-Portfolio.

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