Grace Laggan

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Provided support to Digital Strategy and analytics team, including leading projects to organize workflow and improve customer experience. Also conducted deep dive analysis in order to imform digital roadmap and supplement adobe analytics.

  • Lead implementation of agile on digital strategy and analytics team-
    • Conducted interviews and research to understand stakeholder needs.
    • Created an intake process for analytics requests.
    • Created project tracking tool and dynamic dashboard using Smartsheet.


  • Lead survey deployment on customer troubleshooting software to supplement Adobe Analytics with qualitative feedback-
    • Worked with product owners, software developers, analytics teams, and contracted company to deploy a non-disruptive survey within the customer troubleshooting experience.
    • Worked with copy team to create informative survey questions.
    • Conducted preliminary data analysis regarding survey results.
    • Improved understanding of customer sentiment and motivation, which will be used to improve troubleshooting experience.


  • Provided supporting analytics to team-
    • Conducted several ad hoc analytics projects to provide insights to strategy team.
    • Presented findings to teams, which influenced direction of future products and promotions.

In this internship, I had extensive, hands on experience in analytics, which built on my skills learned in MIS2502. I used my knowledge of creating visualizations to present data to the senior leadership team in an easily understandable, yet informative way. Additionally, I led two project teams, and I used leadership skills learned in both MIS 3535 and MIS 3506 to guide how I interacted with my team and ensure a successful outcome. I also implemented the agile methodology on my team, which is a methodology I learned in MIS 3535. I used skills learned in MIS 3535, such as generating buy-in and iterating on results, to create a successful solution.

Professional Achievements

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