Grace Laggan

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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  1. At Merck & Co. Inc., I was an IT intern in the Global Service Functions division, who focused on facilities management, user experience, and continuous improvement of existing processes.
  2. I completed Data Analytics projects for Merck’s Internal Communications team, and using analytics and visualizations to establish what drives readership. I then created guidelines for Internal Communications news postings, including a guideline to headline creation and a guideline for providing interesting content to readers,  and my analysis increased company news readership by 50%. I also improved facilities management software by using analytics and visualizations to identify broken monitoring equipment. I extracted data from an internal interface, analyzed and parsed the data, and then organized it using Microsoft Excel. I then created visualizations with the data, and presented this data to my team. My analysis was used to identify and repair/replace broken equipment. Lastly, I helped to optimize an internal web tool, using user experience principles, and I then recorded a training video to teach employees how to use the improved interface. This project improved overall use of the web tool, and helped normalize data received from the web tool.
  3. What I learned in my internship experience directly relates to many of my core classes, especially Data Analytics and Digital Design and Innovation Studio. I took Data Analytics prior to my internship, and this class helped me because I was able to use R Studio to parse text extracted from a server. Data Analytics also taught me how to analyze and present data effectively, which was extremely helpful when I needed to present my visualizations in team meetings. My experience at Merck helped me in my Digital Design and Innovation Studio class that I took this Fall 2018, because I already knew many user experience principles. This helped my team and I build and effective and easy to use prototype. My curriculum helped my internship at Merck, and in turn my internship at Merck has helped my curriculum.

Professional Achievements

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