Hyun Gyung

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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MIS2402: In this class learned about javascript which includes HTML and CSS.  In this class personally I learned how hard and time consuming learning coding actually is.

MIS2502: In this class I learned a lot about SQL and Rstudio. I think being able to add these 2 to my skill sets is amazing because it will definitely become very useful in the future.

MIS3502: I am currently taking this class and it will definitely help me a lot in the future as I want to be technologically capable of using these applications in my job someday. I am currently learning both client and server in order to use both of them to create an application that works using both sides. Even knowing the basics will help me have a head start with working with both client and server in the future.

Professional Achievements

    • Class project Fall 2018

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2019

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackFall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019

    • AIS Technical Development TrackFall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019

    • Fox IT AwardsSpring 2019

    • AIS Professional Development TrackFall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019

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