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Interesting Facts About Me

  • Avid fan of a diverse range of movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Wall-E, The Big Short, Fury, and Wonder
  • Dedicated supporter of the Seattle Seahawks, stemming from my upbringing in Seattle
  • Enthusiastic viewer of acclaimed TV series like Sherlock and Suits, though currently not following any shows
  • Rich global living experience, having resided in Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (Republic of Korea), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Seattle (Washington), and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
  • Pet-free since the age of 13
  • Frequent user of platforms such as Instagram for keeping up with friends, Amazon for finding great deals, Netflix for entertainment, and TUportal for academic purposes
  • Passionate about identifying and investing in innovative firms, with a focus on thorough research and commitment to their vision
  • Unique military experience as a signal corps member, handling coded communication, encryption, and decryption
  • Proud of atypical achievements, including proficiency in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and an interest in collecting NFTs
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