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DIF Workshop: Implementing Generative AI Applications

On February 23rd, 2024, I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop titled “Implementing Generative AI Applications,” hosted by Temple University as part of the Digital Innovation Foundry Workshop Series. This event was designed to introduce participants to the forefront of Generative AI technology, featuring discussions on renowned AI systems like IBM’s Watson and WatsonX.

As a participant, my involvement allowed me to delve deep into the complexities and functionalities of Generative AI. The workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of how Generative AI leverages algorithms and machine learning techniques to produce original content, highlighting its potential across various industry sectors. The session underscored the importance of ethical considerations and responsible use of AI technologies, prompting thoughtful discussions on these critical aspects.

The hands-on segment of the workshop was particularly enlightening. Under the guidance of workshop leaders Amrut Patil and Parijat Naik, both esteemed Architects at Cencora, I explored practical applications of large language models (LLMs) within generative AI projects. This experience was invaluable in demonstrating the use of libraries and frameworks essential for integrating LLMs effectively. Additionally, the workshop facilitated an engaging learning experience on the implementation of conversational user interfaces, enabling me to grasp the intricacies of capturing and processing end-user information through chat and voice platforms.

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