Hardeep Pal

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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I am a member of the nonprofit Proud Ravidassia Global Organization. Every month we donate and encourage others to donate to our organization. With the help of donations, we organize events such as blood camps and provide to the unprivileged students in India. Our organization also has a team in India whom we depend on to organize the events there. In India, some families are not eligible for government welfare and facilities. We provided water tanks, shoes, books, and pencils to those children. Our main motto is “Pay Back to Society.” If we have the ability to do something for society, then that’s what we are willing to do. Our small efforts have big impacts on others lives. Donate today to Proud Ravidassia Global Organization!

This organization is related to MIS. It is team driven and we as a team help solve problems. We get together once a week to initiate new ideas and communicate about how it can impact others. Our organization keeps track of all its data through excel including the contributions. In addition, I help manage our meetings and the books.

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