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Stand Out as a Power Performer at Work

This lesson taught me about how and why to become a Power performer at work. It is very important to do you your work efficiently. Not just do it quickly but do it well. This shows your commitment to the job, the quality of your work, and hard working abilities. It is also important to align with your managers values. A way to do this is to ask what his goals are or what he wants to get out of this job. This allows you to get to know your manager better and work with your manager. Another aspect that is hard to navigate is to show case your wins. You have to this without bragging but allowing managers and peers to see the good work you have done. This can be especially hard when working on a group project. you can do this with an updated resume or cover letter. It is also important when working in a group project that you acknowledge your team mates work as well as your own.

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