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Internship Experience

Image result for teknuanceOver the winter break of my sophomore year, I had an exciting opportunity to intern as a Data Analyst for TekNuance,  a startup company located in Chennai, India whose forte is Business Intelligence, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. While being an intern, I was able to gain knowledge in the field of Information Systems to help guide me in deciding what I might be interested in pursuing in the coming years. During my time as an intern, I had the opportunity to use predictive models and diagnostic analysis on a couple of their case studies to identify scenarios and outcomes. My team used BStrat, a tool for business strategy, which they developed inhouse, to strategize according to our goals and create solutions for our objectives. In addition, I was able to work in KPI modeling using case studies to better understand and grow my knowledge of real-time formulas with answers. We mapped these proactive KPIs for real-time values so that it can be used for data analytics. I also had the opportunity to work with a couple of different teams to learn about master management, advanced business intelligence, and how cognitive intelligence is being implemented into the company. While interning at TekNuance, I was able to see how each department works on a deeper level and learned something new every day. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with a passionate and imaginative group of people dedicated to interspersing futuristic technology into our business world.

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