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IT Business Analyst Intern

I assisted in many different areas of the Information Technology department at URBN including Project Management, Business Analytics, and Engineering. I had the ability to assist in analytics to improve consumer experiences and the full lifecycle of the e-commerce process. While assisting in different types of agile methodology, I was able to report my findings to other team members and management.

Throughout my summer at URBN I worked on many different types of projects, specifically in the software program Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense is a Windows Application that allows users to create visualizations, charts, and interactive analytical dashboards. It is a self-service visualization and exploration tool that drives user creation. For my Summer 2021 intern project I made a Qlik Merch Jira Projects Tracking app from scratch. This app specifically focused on the members of the Merchandising IT Team and it was created to help drive change within the day-to-day business process. Team members in the Merch IT team used Jira as their central hub for all of their tasks. The focus of this app was to determine if the team members were meeting their goals and whether they were being delayed or not. This app helped visualize which tasks were being completed and which ones still remained. By displaying the urgency of certain tasks based on their priority it kept track of the overall influx of requests. My app will be used in future leadership meetings across the Merch It team and will aid in delivering weekly goals and track project deliverables. During touch-base meetings my app will be able to provide key insights as well. Although I made this app for the Merch It team, it can be fully customizable across all teams that use Jira.

I learned so many great skills this past summer and it definitely related to the material I learned in my Management Information Systems courses. I had a full background in Tableau and SQL because of my Data Science and Data Analytics courses. This helped me excel in learning and successfully using Qlik Sense throughout my summer. I created charts using calculated mathematical fields to make formulas that interpreted the data in different ways. In my application, I was able to make it completely interactive and gave it the ability to be filtered or drilled down. This was so users could take a deeper look into the data that is being analyzed. When building my app from scratch my knowledge in SQL querying came in handy for all of my back-end codings. My overall experience this summer working as the IT Business Analyst Intern for URBN was amazing and I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity.

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