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Executive and Content Comms Intern

  1. Executive and Content Communications Intern – Intel Corporation
  2. The overall role was to support internal and executive communications as well as administrative task including employee compliance and satisfaction. This included creating PowerPoints, graphic design, data/metrics analysis, and OKR management.
  3. A major-specific projects I worked on was:
  • Data/Metrics Analysis: I analyzed large datasets containing employee training compliance status data for DCAI Sales Group totaling close to 300 employees. Using the raw dataset, I also created visualizations to best represent the data and help push completion targets. Additionally, I developed a python program using pandas, jupyter notebooks, and xlsxwriter to automate the creation of the reports.
  1. I learned how to work with large data sets by cleaning, validating, analyzing, and presenting that data in an easy to digest way. This included worked with Excel and Python which allowed me to become more comfortable and experienced working in both. This internship allowed me to put what I learned in Data Scripting with Python to use by reading, writing, and creating Excel files from raw data.
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