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Digital Solutions Studio

This course prepared me for the role as a modern business analysts. I learned to combine the strengths of Business Process Analysis with Design Inquiry to create innovative solutions. I worked with a real client to learn how to analyze business problems from a design prospective and how to develop innovative solutions.

Data Centric Application Development

In this course I learned programming fundamentals. I developed the skills necessary to create solutions that interact with web APIs. I learned about HTML, Javascript, CSS, JSON, APIs and various other programming languages. This class gave me the ability to program in many languages, which is a great asset to anyone working in IT.

Data Analytics

In this course I learned how to design database systems and analyze business data to enhance a firms competitiveness. I began to understand different types of business data, various analytical approaches, and application of these approaches to solve business problems. I had hands on experience with current, cutting-edge tools such as MySQL and R which will give me an advantage in the job world. I plan to use these tools that I learned to test my knowledge and help me in the future with earning a Database Analysts/Administrator position.

Information Systems in Organizations

In this course I learned about the role of information technology as a business enabler and identify and explain different management information systems applications. Furthermore, I learned about the role of management information systems in organizations and the different careers of MIS professionals





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