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Cyber Risk, Insurance and Related Job Market – ITACS Webinar

Sponsoring Organization- ITACS

Details of activity- Virtual- Feb 3rd– 2:00- 3:00

How activity relates to career goals:

The activity helped me learn of a potential path I can take to combine insurance and MIS as a major. It is a very in-demand career path and definitely something I will keep in mind moving forward. The webinar gives knowledge on the cyber insurance industry and how it relates to how it relates to business. I learned the importance of cyber risk and the ever-changing landscape of this type of insurance.Some notes and more specific things I learned:

Underwriting of cyber insurance and the probability of an incident happening to a specific organization. The type of business changes the way the insurance is underwritten (depends on exposure and loss).

Look for organizations that promote a culture of cyber/security risk. Evaluate how company protect their assets and how they will deal with loss.

-Cataclysmic events regarding cyber insurance- a major malware, massive data breach, and massive cloud outages.

-Complete outage of internet and cyberwar is uninsurable.

-Demand for cyber-insurance has been increasing. Now there is almost becoming more demand than supply. Insurance companies are even more picky on who to insure.


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