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Volunteer and General

Volunteer Experiences

Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM)

Title: Dispensary Tech

For several months during COVID-19 I volunteered my time at a local clinic counting medication and building bonds with fellow volunteers, nurses, and doctors. The clinic treats individuals who missed by the american healthcare system and works tirelessly to provide quality healthcare to the underprivileged in my community/state(PA).

Mid-Atlantic Scottish Association Volunteer (MASA)

Title: Shagger

Since 2016 I have been volunteering and competing several times a year with MASA as a field member. During these event I help move weights, set up equipment, and help competitors. I find the organization is an excellent way to meet kind hearten people who have a similar interest in Celtic heritage.

General Experiences

Summer Abroad in Japan(Temple University)

I spent the summer in Japan (2019) taking classes and traveling Tokyo. It was a very life changing experience and one I am not soon going to forget. Many friends where made and things learned through the experience in respect to cultural differences.

Setting Up Computer Networks

I have spent many years learning about computer hardware programs and hardware for the purpose of setting up servers for various purposes, namely gaming and media storage for my family and friends. Though these years I have invested my time heavily in google-fu, spending many hours researching, implementing, and trouble shooting many aspects of my computers to properly build and run those systems(they have been run on MS OS). Also, I have been paid to be tech support, so technically a professional- and rightly so with the amount of time I have dedicated to fixing various issues with individuals computers/printer/scanners and the like.


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