Josh S. Emas

Major: Other
Graduation: May 2014


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Temple University:

Masters of Science in Health Informatics (Expected graduation May 2014).

Temple University’s MSHI program is one of six accredited degree programs in the United States. The program is offered in collaboration with the Management Information Systems Department of the Fox School of Business and the Health Information Management Department of the College of Health Professions


Temple University College of Liberal Arts:


BA in Political Science.

The Political Science Department atTempleprovides students with the opportunity to understand politics and policy in both theUnited Statesand abroad. While a student atTemplemy studies ranged from Political Theory to Policy Analysis, Comparative Politics of Developing Nations, and everything in between.

Minor in Economics

Economics analyzes the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services and further assesses the allocation of resources in order to satisfy wants. While a student,  my studies in Economics included a wide array of classes from  Micro Economics to all the way through upper level classes such as International Monetary Economics.

Certificate of Specialization in Political Economy.

As a student of both Political Science and Economics I was able to successfully apply and relate my studies in Economics to Political Science.

 Certificate of participation Latin American Studies Semester

The LASS program at Temple is a full semester dedicated to the development of Spanish language skills along with an in depth analysis of Latin American culture. Included in my studies was an educational trip to Merida, Mexico.


National Outdoor Leadership School

Nols seeks to develop advanced leadership skills and techniques in outdoor wilderness environments. I spent an entire semester in the Nols program. During my time at Nols I learned leadership skills and techniques, along with multiple technical skills crucial to survival in the outdoors. Use of these leadership and technical skills were essential to everyday living.


Central High School

Central is the second oldest public high school in theUnited States. Central is a Magnet school in Philadelphia and ranks among one of the top schools in the state. Central is also considered to be one of the top public schools in the country.

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