Josh S. Emas

Major: Other
Graduation: May 2014


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Racquetball: I started playing racquetball in High School as a way to further develop my tennis skills during the winter months. I ended up enjoying the sport so much that I used it to fill a lot of my free time. Racquetball is very competitive even at a club level, as a result I was forced to practice and further develop skills in order to remain competitive.  Eventually I started playing in tournaments which greatly increased my level of competition. Now I mostly play at the club making sure to practice once or twice a week  in order to reinforce my skills and ability. I even enjoy playing a tournament every now and then.


SKIING: I really enjoy outdoor activities, and one of my favorites is skiing. I have been skiing since I could walk. Whether its alpine or cross country, I enjoy sliding on the snow. My all time favorite is alpine skiing and I enjoy difficult trails that challenge my abilities and force me to improve them. 

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