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Throughout my time in the MIS department, I have taken several courses that relate directly with the field I hope to go into, that being the MIS field. The skills I learned in these classes are helping to build a foundation for the career I hope to make in the information systems field.

Some of the courses I have taken in regards to information systems skills include:

  • Information Systems in Organizations – In this course, I learned about the backend infrastructures behind big corporations, with a focus on the software called Salesforce.
  • Data and Analytics – This course had a focus on learning the skills behind the coding language MySql, which allowed us to set up systems that can communicate back and forth with databases to retrieve and send data. By using these skills, we could also generate statistics and create hypothesis on actions taken through a code file.
  • Web Application Development – Javascript was the focus of this course. In this class, we learned how to put together our knowledge on basic HTML and what we were learning in Data and Analytics to mesh together a website project that looked and worked well.
  • Cloud Architecture – In addition to learning more about the coding languages mentioned above and how they apply in day to day life in the field, we learned a ton about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how an organization might utilize it.


MIS 2502 Extra Credit Write Up from JayPogach


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