Jeremy Tibbetts

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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  1. I currently work at Pfizer on the Enterprise Content Solutions Engagement and Delivery Team as a project manager/business analyst student worker. Pfizer is a global pharmaceutical company that employees more than 90,000 people.
  2. My role on this team involves supporting various projects by performing business analyst and project manager roles. One project that I am involved with is the Pfizer Trial Master File (PTMF) upgrade to a next generation solution. On this project, I am responsible for planning stakeholder meetings, recording minutes, and assisting cross-functional project team members on various assignments. I also worked with a consultant from Phlexglobal to gather and record over 150 requirements to assist with developing a Request for Proposal. I am also the Engagement & Delivery Lead for a software application upgrade, where my primary responsibilities are ensuring the completion of project timelines and milestones, facilitating status meetings to ensure team alignment, and updating development life cycle documentation. Over the summer, I participated in a student worker Hackathon/ Shark Tank event where our team won 1st place. My primary responsibilities on this team were researching the existing market, creating a cost analysis, developing a wireframe for our proposed mobile application, and presenting a use case of the solution to a panel of judges. I work on various other assignments, but these 3 are my biggest projects so far.
  3. “Digital Solutions Studio” and “Lead Global Digital Projects” prepared me for this role. In this internship, I have learned how to take the principles we learned in this class and apply them to real life projects. One thing I’ve learned is how to efficiently and effectively communicate with various stakeholders across a large organization. I have also worked on a lot of the same documents (project plans, RAID logs, status reports, requirements documentation) that I learned about in class. Lastly, my experience prototyping in Justinmind was valuable when working on the wire-frame of our solution for the Shark Tank event.

Professional Achievements

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