Jeremy Tibbetts

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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I will be contracted to Pfizer through The Judge Group as a project manager on the Enterprise Solutions Center (ESC) Team. Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company with over 90,000 employees and is headquarter in New York City. Pfizer has recently been acquiring companies and selling off other parts of their business as part of their shift to a more science focused company. I will be filling a project manager role that assists with the integration of content management systems between Pfizer and other companies systems. Additionally, I will be assisting the ESC Team on other project management tasks as needed.

Previously, I was a student worker on this team for 8 months before being offered a job on a larger project. The project management and business analysis courses were critical to me succeeding as a student worker, and will continue to play a part in this position. The MIS major as a whole gave me the skills and knowledge to work with new technology and understand how it is being applied to achieve business goals. The technology I will be working with will be knew to me, but the tools and skills I have learned throughout the curriculum will enable me to quickly and efficiently learn about this technology and new technologies in the future. I will be working with developers, business stakeholders, directors, and outside consultants. The MIS major has taught me the ability to speak different languages to different people, and this will no doubt be critical to my success in this position.

Professional Achievements

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