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Green Cloud Computing and Cloud Security

As beneficial as Cloud Technology can be, multiple dangers are involved in dealing with things such as the environment and security. Because of these dangers, many found solutions within cloud computing. Green cloud computing is the collection of practices and approaches of cloud-based services that can have potential environmental benefits. There are three goals involved with green cloud computing: to promote the use of recyclable materials, to minimize the use of hazardous IT components, and to maximize the energy efficiencies for a device’s lifecycle. Another way to protect users of cloud services is cloud security. Cloud security is a discipline of cyber security used to secure cloud computing systems, which includes keeping data private and safe across infrastructures, software, and platforms. Both are essential to provide a safe and secure environment for all cloud computing users. Green cloud computing and cloud security allow people to create technological advances while being attentive to the world around us. 

During our MIS3406 course, students learned about Cloud Architecture and practiced with services to hone their skills and knowledge of cloud infrastructure. One of the topics we have learned in class is the well-architected framework. The well-architected framework consists of five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. These pillars also inform cloud-native application design as it gives that structure to build upon when considering what to add to their application. The purpose of the well-architected framework is that it is a tool that uses best practices to find designs and improvements for the applications in the cloud. Green cloud computing builds on this framework as it uses these five pillars to ensure an optimized structure of allocations into different areas, such as energy efficiency and resource efficiency. Cloud security relates to this framework as it builds on the Security Pillar. Security is the ability to protect information and systems while delivering business value; Cloud security helps deploy this protection.

Not only do these topics relate to the material we learned in class, but they also relate to each other. Green cloud computing and cloud security both deal with cloud computing. Cloud computing delivers different services, and IT resources over the Internet. Both green cloud computing and cloud security ensure efficiency with cloud computing as they aid in efficiently using resources where the user can be safe and protected. While green cloud security deals with the technology used to be more environmentally friendly, cloud security also deals with the technology used to protect the environment where data, information, and systems reside. They are each used to secure safety with the user and the settings in which they are present.

These two concepts can be applied to real-world situations as multiple firms and organizations use these in practice. For example, Kaluza, an OVO Group technology company, has been using Google Cloud Platform, a carbon-neutral option, to make smarter decisions regarding energy usage. Their goal is to become carbon negative by 2030, and they do this with the help of Google Cloud, where they use cloud-based data centers to retrieve half-hourly electricity usage information. Google Cloud helps Kaluza with the actual carbon emission of every process they run on Google Cloud and allows them to be more green and efficient. This data usage from Google Cloud has helped them cut emissions by 97%, reducing the amount of CO2 used from 200kg to 6kg. In terms of cloud security, one well-known engineering and manufacturing company called Mercedes-AMG uses CrowdStrike Falcon Complete as a cloud security solution. With multiple streams of data from their racing cars worldwide, Mercedes-AMG’s geographically dispersed workforce may face many threats around the world. With CrowdStrike Falcon Complete, they can deploy teams in different geographical locations while having a cloud-native solution that provides them with threat protection that stops malicious activities without slowing any of their systems. In addition, cloud security is used within this company as it helps with the protection of data and keeps systems running smoothly. Both green cloud computing and cloud security are cloud computing practices that many companies use today. These cloud computing services allow organizations more flexibility and control while focusing on business operations. As we move toward technology to run our business, cloud computing can be the key to providing those steps toward efficiency and security for our organizations.


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