Kevin Ryan Hamilton

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2018


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I worked at Agile 1 from July 5th 2017 through October 30th 2017.  This was supposed to be only a Summer Internship, but I was asked to stay on longer than my initial job assignment in order to help complete some other important projects for the company.  My contract was subsequently renewed twice this past fall.

I completed many projects while there this summer, but most notably I designed, implemented, trained end-users, and went live with a Request Management System, Breathing Air Request System, and New Chemical Request System.  For each of these large projects, I had to gather requirements, vet various options, design, implement, train end-users, and go-live with the project whether it was site wide or within the specialty business unit I worked in.

I learned a great deal of business skills during my months at Agile 1.  I learned how to manage projects from start to finish.  I learned how to gather the voice of the customer and how to limit scope creep while progressing through various project milestones.  I also learned how to effectively run project meetings, the largest of which was a 20-person system (a system I designed and implemented) training meeting.  I greatly enhanced all of these skill sets while at my time at Agile 1.

Professional Achievements

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