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Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about me include:

  • I’m a triplet! I have two sisters named Lauren and Sarah. We look nothing alike, and we all took different career paths once we left our hometown
  • My personality type is INFP. Only about 4% of the world shares the same personality as me
  • I have watched Breaking Bad 3 times and I plan on watching it again
  • I have lived in New Jersey and Rhode Island
  • My favorite sports team is the New York Rangers
  • I have 3 cats! 2 tabbies, and 1 tortoiseshell
  • The apps I visit daily are Snapchat, Instagram, and Reddit
  • One if my favorite activities is exploring the city, whether I’m admiring street art, taking photos, or exploring new spots with friends
  • The coolest experience I’ve had was when I climbed 1,665 stairs up and down the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • My proudest atypical accomplishment was when I won first place in a trivia competition

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