Kunal Duggal

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Data Analytics (MIS 2502): Introduced me to working with structured data through SQL as well as unstructured data with NoSQL and MongoDB. It also covered how to analyze data through R and visualize with Tableau.

Data-Based App Development (MIS 2402): Allowed me to build a foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Consumer Buyer Behavior: Taught me different ways of viewing the behavior of consumers across many different demographics and psychographics.

Intro to Marketing: Helped me build a foundation in the basics of Marketing.

Media Technology

Intro to Media Tech: Allowed me to engage in a wide variety of practical experience using various Media tools within the Adobe Suite and beyond.


Professional Achievements

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