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Graduation: May 2014


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Kurt Whiteman


MIS2502: E-Portfolio Points Assignment (and Extra Credit)


Delicious.com is a form of social media that allows for users to keep track of everything they find interesting on the web. Delicious sorts websites as bookmarks and categorizes them based on similar terms. For example, if I wanted to find the most recent information from multiple sources about sports, then I would search “sports” on the delicious discover bar. Delicious takes me to a community page with links where I can see trending websites with the most popular, up to date information on sports. Right now, since it is football and basketball seasons, the top results I receive are ESPN, nba.com, and nfl.com. This website is similar to twitter but instead of using people and trending quotes, this website uses site traffic and trending tags. When a user finds a website they like, they can save a link to their delicious account and refer to it later. Also, users can link their delicious accounts with other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

In class we discussed how websites collect data about visitors in order to better cater to their customers. Similarly, Delicious.com could collect data on what types of websites are being bookmarked by certain visitors. For example, they could discover that mac visitors on their website tend to bookmark websites that are more related to art and creative design, whereas a windows user is more interested in websites that relate to technology and business. Also, Delicious.com could take the data they collect to better cater to their customers. When someone bookmarks a website about interior design, then Delicious would take that information and suggest sites like Ikea.com and Home Depot for supplies when doing interior decorations.

Kristi Hines published a case study for Delicious and found 8 innovative ways to use delicious.com. In her article, she highlights that Delicious.com allows for you to save all of your bookmarks in one place, where they can even be exported from the site as an HTML file for use even if delicious.com were down. Also, Ms. Hines notes that delicious.com was used for a content marketing company where a company-wide Delicious account was made so that co-workers could bookmark their latest finds and resources in one place for everyone to share. This idea can be used across any industry where sharing information through websites takes place. Additionally, Delicious.com is a useful organizational tool for the web content people come across as well as a useful form of social networking.







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