Mariia Prikhodko

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2022


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Related Courses Fall 2020

MIS 3406 – Cloud Architecture

In this course, I am currently learning how to deploy cloud-based applications through Amazon Web Services. I have learned how to create EC2 instances, RDS instances, auto-scaling groups, set security groups, and more. Most importantly, this class is preparing me to use cloud computing in the professional world.

MIS 3506 – User Experience Design

In this course, I am learning about Norman’s design concepts and the effects of User Experience (UX) on consumers. Utilizing good UX principles during the SDLC is of great importance to any project that involves technology. Being able to engage with the user efficiently will lead to better user retention and will lead to greater business engagement. Currently, we are working through several projects where we are researching, running usability tests, and eventually will be creating our own prototypes through WordPress.

Related Courses Spring 2020

MIS 2502 – Data Analytics 

Data Analytics is focused on learning how to analyze, operate, and design business databases. Students learn how to use software such as MySQL and R to solve business problems by analyzing data. The ability to use these analytics tools is critical to enable students to present insights from business data, which will allow the audience to make more informed decisions.

Related Courses Fall 2019

MIS 2101 – Information Systems in Organization

As an introductory course for management information systems (MIS), this course explains the applications of MIS in business today, such as customer relationship management systems, enterprise systems, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Students learn various tools and techniques in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating business processes, which are the foundation of MIS. These tools and techniques include Swimlane Diagram, SalesForce, Google Analytics, and ERD.

I am currently a Diamond Peer Teacher and an Information Technology Assistant (ITA) for two MIS 2101 sections.

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