Manoj Chacko

Associate Director


Manoj Chacko is the Associate Director of Management Information Systems(MIS) and Institute for Business and Information Technology(IBIT), Fox School of Business at Temple University. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering and an Associate degree in Business from Drexel University. He is currently pursuing an MBA Degree as well.

His accomplishments include research in “Hardware Accelerated Conebeam”, for which he received the Unisys award and second place in Drexel University’s Computer Engineering department. He also has extensive programming experience in various computer languages as well as solving various computer related problems.

Manoj’s responsibilities include developing and managing the Management Information Systems(MIS) Innovative Community Platform, that is centered around faculty-student engagement and student professional development. He is also responsible for managing the department’s technology and labs as well as providing higher level technical support to the MIS and IBIT Department. His current responsibility also includes supporting several IBIT projects and R&D for the IBIT’s newly-launched Digital Innovation Foundry (DIF). He also provides technical support for various DIF projects with industry, students, and faculty.

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