Section 002, Instructor: Xue Guo

Group Project Presentation

Please upload your final project materials (slides, data, and infographics) before Monday (Dec 3rd) at 2 pm on Canvas.

Here is the order for the final group project presentation:

Order Group Number Group Members
1 Group2 Colby Harvath, Shamera Moore, Artem Rozenshteyn, Matthew Seidman, John Volz
2 Group1 Olivia Cudemo, Nicholas Prieston, Aidan Rodriguez, Kevin Stern, Andy Yoon
3 Group8 Ayanna Abdul, Quan Liang, Karis Pringle , Patrick Sherin, Dana Wright
4 Group3 Ryan Carty, Michael Ewing, Jacob Heckert, Michael Kulka, Jeremy Shockley, Ryan Smith
5 Group6 David Gonzalez, Ryan Hund, Jared Krieger, Patrick O’Brien
6 Group4 Stephen Griffin, Jiawei Liu, Manqin Luo, Ai Yen Oon , Zixi Tang
7 Group7 Gvantsa Babukhadia, Hung Do, Bailey Meyer, Jordan Norris, Nile Winters, Albert Xiao
8 Group5 Dante Aivazian, Volodymyr Falendysh, Kyle Kleese, Kevin Lin, Timothy Pooler, Myles Thomas


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