Section 002, Instructor: Xue Guo

Xue Guo

Welcome to my page! I am a fourth-year doctoral student in Management Information Systems concentration. I have a bachelor degree in Finance from Capital University of Economics and Business and a Master degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining this program, I was a research assistant and a teaching assistant at the University of Maryland. My research areas include online labor markets, the human capital of IT, information privacy, consumer behavior in online markets. I am open to other research topics. Please feel free to contact me!
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Final Exam Reminder

Just a reminder that your final exam will be on Friday, Dec 14 at 1:00pm in the same room as class.  You will not be permitted to take the exam if you arrive late.

Please make sure that all missing assignments, quizzes and weekly questions are done before the start of the exam.  Grades will be submitted after the exam.

Group Project Presentation

Please upload your final project materials (slides, data, and infographics) before Monday (Dec 3rd) at 2 pm on Canvas.

Here is the order for the final group project presentation:

Order Group Number Group Members
1 Group2 Colby Harvath, Shamera Moore, Artem Rozenshteyn, Matthew Seidman, John Volz
2 Group1 Olivia Cudemo, Nicholas Prieston, Aidan Rodriguez, Kevin Stern, Andy Yoon
3 Group8 Ayanna Abdul, Quan Liang, Karis Pringle , Patrick Sherin, Dana Wright
4 Group3 Ryan Carty, Michael Ewing, Jacob Heckert, Michael Kulka, Jeremy Shockley, Ryan Smith
5 Group6 David Gonzalez, Ryan Hund, Jared Krieger, Patrick O’Brien
6 Group4 Stephen Griffin, Jiawei Liu, Manqin Luo, Ai Yen Oon , Zixi Tang
7 Group7 Gvantsa Babukhadia, Hung Do, Bailey Meyer, Jordan Norris, Nile Winters, Albert Xiao
8 Group5 Dante Aivazian, Volodymyr Falendysh, Kyle Kleese, Kevin Lin, Timothy Pooler, Myles Thomas


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