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Weekly Question #11: Complete by April 30, 2018

Leave your response to the question below as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on April 30, 2018. It only needs to be three or four sentences.

What was the most important takeaway (from your perspective) from this course? If you had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course was about, what would you say?

19 Responses to Weekly Question #11: Complete by April 30, 2018

  • Data is everywhere and is rapidly becoming an integrative part of our lives. Learning to harness the power of data is vital for our society to succeed in the future. I would say to a future MIS0855 scholar that this course is about learning how to use data to effectively to solve problems.

  • Data can be found everywhere. It can be the time from a digital clock or the number of bottles save by using the water fountain. Data however is not knowledge. Knowledge is when we use data to interpret the situation.

  • If i had to describe this course, I would describe it as an important course to take at some point of everyone’s college career because it teaches you how to find, read, and manipulate data into something you can use. In today’s age data is everywhere, and knowing how to use it for your own benefit is very important. Most jobs in the future will require you to use data sets, and this course is perfect for understanding the basics of how they work.

  • The most important takeaways I had from this course were how ubiquitous the collection of data is combined with how much data tracking and analysis have become integrated into our everyday lives.

    If I were to explain this course to someone I would say it teaches you useful quantitative analysis and data visualization skills that one could apply to a future job. I would also say that it helps students understand the different ways in which people utilize data, how data analysis/collection has changed throughout the years along with the ambitions people/companies have for the future of data and information technology.

  • The most important take away from this course is that data has the power to sway the opinion of an audience. That is why it is imperative that the data that is being presented is accurate. If I was to explain to a future scholar what the this of MiS what this course is about, I would tell them that this class introduces students to the hidden potentiality to the power of data science.

  • The most important takeaway from this course was learning about data visualization. Since I will be working with large amounts of data in my job, I am glad to have learned some different techniques and things to avoid when presenting data. For a future scholar, I would tell them that this course is an introduction to data science that will give them various tools to effectively handle data.

  • Upon taking this course I can conclude that the world of data is bigger than I ever imagined possible. The more I learn about it, the bigger it becomes. From this class I am now more efficient in my job after recognizing the importance of proper, clean metadata and categorization. I am also happy to have learned the VLOOKUP and MATCH functions as they have already saved me hours of tedious searching in my work files.

  • The most important concept learned in this course is that we cannot trust all platforms of data and the data filter. This course furthered my understanding of the limitations that are place on us by data centers. The filter bubble places limitations on the data we may use or obtain. I felt that this was so important because too many individuals are reliant on superficial databases such as data from social media or common forum posts. People are too accustomed to feel that the data they view is true. I would highly recommend a prospective data science student to take this course in order for them to be awoken intellectually when it comes to learning about the data society views and uses.

  • We live in a world where data is accessed through everything. However dirty data I thought was the most biggest take away. Just from a simple miscalculation on even one data entry could mess up an entire data base. From taking this class, I understood what to look out for and how to prevent and clean dirty data.

  • Everywhere you go, you can find data. Taking this course made me realize that you cannot trust all data. With one small mistake you can ruin a whole lot in a company. What I learned most from this class was how to clean up dirty data.

  • The most important thing that I learned from this class would be that data is everywhere and affects our daily lives.

  • The most important thing was by far learning how to use Tableau. The enjoyed this project because I am a visual learner, and creating informative infographics out of scattered metadata was fascinating. I would recommend any business major to take this class for their science and tech gen ed because writing that you know how to use tableau in your skills section of your resume, can impress recruiters.

  • The greatest takeaway I have from this course is that data is almost like a form of currency. It has endless applications if utilized correctly and can shape anything from sales to presidential elections. I would tell a future student that this class is all about data applications and a whole lot of tableau.

  • The most useful thing I learned in this course was the ability to learn, manage, & be critical of complex data. Learning the simple mistakes that others before me have made will be tremendously useful to ensure I do not make the same mistakes. I was able to bring skills learned in Data Science into a project for my statistics course, and the professor had only overwhelmingly positive things to say about our data collection & understanding. Unlike many classes, I will have valuable data skills for a long time, and considering the importance of data today, that is a very positive quality.

  • My greatest take away from this class was gaining a firm understanding of the basics of Data Science/MIS. By actually putting the skills we were learning into use every class, I was able to easily understand the importance of what we were learning and how it was applicable in day-to-day, professional situations. I would tell future students considering this course to definitely take it if they are pursuing a career in data science and/or financial analytics, as this course will provide valuable insight into the field.

  • The most important take away from this course is understanding that data is absolutely every and in everything that we do. I also enjoyed learning how to use Tableau.

  • My most important takeaway from this course is the ability to gauge data and think about each resource critically. I’ve learnt that data is collected and used everywhere, so I should be more careful with how I use Internet – try to use incognito mode and delete cookies more often. It was also fun to play around with tableau – I am not sure I will encounter it again in my profession, but I am glad I learnt how to use it.

  • I believe that the important takeaway is being able to clean data and figure out the useful information. I now know more about AI’s and the way that data is set up for us in the real world. Also, I have a better understanding of Tableau and the functions.

  • The most important thing I took away from this class was Tableau. I would tell future students to take this class if they are going to use data in their careers, which is important in a lot of jobs now.

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