Section 003, Instructor: Ermira Zifla


Final Exam Reminder

Just a reminder that your final exam will be on Monday, May 8 at 8:00am in the same room as class. Please bring #2 pencil to fill out the scantron sheet.

Also, please make sure that all missing assignments, quizzes and weekly questions are done before the start of the exam, so that you don’t get a penalty on your final grade (check syllabus).  Grades will be submitted after the exam.


Hi all,

Please check this link for more examples of non-falsifiable hypotheses. Also, if you click on the link “Question” at the bottom right corner of the page, you will see multiple choice questions on this topic.



More Examples of Hypotheses

Here are some more examples to help you with Assignment 1.
Bad Hypotheses:
  1. Philadelphia is a growing area in terms of job opportunities and competitive wages.
  2. Philadelphia has great paying jobs.
  3. Philadelphia has nicer weather than other cities like Seattle.
These hypotheses are not specific. How do you define “a great paying job” and “competitive wages”? How to measure “nice” weather?
Good Hypotheses:
  1. Philadelphia has a higher average hourly wage than Jackson, Mississippi.
  2. A higher percentage of children in Philadelphia are up to date on vaccinations compared with the rest of the nation.
  3. There are more businesses owned by minorities in Philadelphia than in Atlanta, Georgia.
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